YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE (official Vide0)


When I first covered ‘You Get What You Give’, I realized how much of a timeless, important and empowering song it is. After having a really rough last year between personal and community trauma, the lyrics are something I needed to hear over and over. Maybe at first I was singing ‘don’t let go’ to myself, but making this video to celebrate queerness has given it yet another life, and one that’s not just about me.  

With all of the attacks on LGBTQIA+, horrific laws, and true and utter hate - we wanted to make something beautiful and joyous and celebratory; to show that no one can take that away from us. I want our community to see this and be reminded of their own queer bars and spaces, the places that shaped their youth as it did mine, the love and intimacy and beauty that is being queer, and to see queer & trans folks being happy and loved and thriving. Existing.   

This is the most raw, real and vulnerable I’ve gotten in a music video, there are no bells and whistles. It feels grounded and rooted in some really intense self discovery, undoing my own thoughts and patterns surrounding my transness, and is just authentically me. I’m so excited to show and share this side of myself, and our beautiful beautiful community.